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How to open a new medical case?

Mutas Online simplifies the report of medical treatments abroad. How does it work? First of all, please insert your mobile phone number and the health insurance of the patient. Mutas will send you an access code by SMS. Once you have succesfully inserted your access code, please follow the instructions on the online notification form and select the send-button. Once the form is sent, you can no longer modify it. Mutas will send you a confirmation by sms and one of our consultants will contact you to give you more information.You can also check our tutorialvideo on the right. Please also take a look at our FAQ.

About Mutas

MUTAS is an Inter Mutualistic project of the Belgian Health Insurance Funds(CM, NVSM, UNMS, FMSB, LM, NM and Railcare).

Together they represent 8.800.000 members.

A team of experienced and motivated doctors, nurses and consultants are available 24/7 to give you assistance abroad.

We always put our focus on the request of the patient and look for the most suitable solution.

Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQ)

You can find the most frequently asked questions below. If you have more questions that are not specified, you can also contact our emergency center 24/7 on the number 0032 2 272 09 00.

Mutas Online is the online notification platform of Mutas. Declarations of new medical cases abroad can be sent through the platform. Once we received your electronic request, a case will be created and Mutas will keep you informed by telephone to give you more information regarding the follow-up of the medical case.
You do not have to call us by telephone. A text message will be sent once your request has been treated. Mutas will contact you to give more information regarding the follow up of the case.
All fields marked in red are obligatory. You definitely have to fill in this information. If something is not clear, you can always look at the information bullets or our instruction video. If there is still a problem, you can always contact our emergency center on 0032 2 272 09 00. Our consultants are always happy to help you with your questions.
Making your declaration through Mutas Online offers many advantages. All the information that Mutas needs to follow up your medical case can be filled in in a easy-to-read online form. All information can be send to Mutas for free and at your own pace. Mutas will contact you afterwards to give you more information.
Unfortunately, this is not possible. Due to the complexity of such cases, we prefer having contact over the phone to ensure optimal treatment of these cases.
We offer assistance based on the conditions of the policy of the additional insurance of the health insurance of which you are a member of. Please consult your health insurance for more information regarding the conditions of your policy.
You have to contact your health insurance before going abroad to request a European Health Insurance Card. Mutas can only send a provisory document to a care provider abroad.
You can report medical treatments abroad using Mutas Online. Once you are back in Belgium, you can send your payment receipts to your local health insurance for a possible reimbursement. You cannot request a reimbursement by only sending receipts through Mutas Online.